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Welcome to David Foley's home on the WWW 😀

About David

  • Currently Chief Engineer at Gigaquad and Farmer at Verity as Farm
  • Living in Harcourt, VIC, Australia 🐨
  • Programmer / Coder / Developer / UCD Computer Science graduate 💻
  • 🐧 Linux user since Red Hat 7 (codename Guinness, Sep 2000)
  • Éireannach atá ar deoraíocht: Millennial, born in Ireland, raised on The Hook, County Wexford ☘️
  • Food & beer enthusiast 🍻
  • Star Trek fan 🖖
  • Insatiable podcast, audiobook, blues and classic-rock listener 🎧
  • Contactable via email at david@dfoley.ie 📧, please PGP sign or encrypt 🔐 mails if possible
  • I have published my PGP key (C6F5 51BE 7D3A 4AB5) and SSH key 🔑
  • My Bitcoin address is "169oiPAf9pMduPA3DcxTQ8rXXK9vMdizG1"
  • My Stellar address is "dsofeir*keybase.io"
  • My screen name is dsofeir which stands for "Daithí Seán Ó Foghlú Éire". Why? It's hard to find a string that isn't already taken ¯\(ツ)
  • Sometimes called Daithí Seán Ó Foghlú elesewhere on the web, that's just my name (David John Foley) 'as Gaeilge'.
  • My current short bio is: "Chief Engineer at Gigaquad, Farmer at Verity as Farm, food & beer enthusiast, éireannach atá ar deoraíocht 🇮🇪🇪🇺, #indieweb-er [ work CC BY-SA 4.0 ]"

Recent blog post

"Raspberry Pi Pico NOT flashing with arduino-cli"

22nd October, 2021

While flashing a Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040) from a Raspberry Pi 3 I got the error "No drive to deploy", there's a relatively simple fix if hard to find on the internet.

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