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"Access to public IP from VMs/Containers using Firewalld"

13th December, 2022

You are running some LXC containers on a host and you use Firewalld to forward ports from the public internet to the containers. How do you enable access to the public IP of the LXD host from the LXC containers?

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About David

  • Currently Chief Engineer at Gigaquad and Farmer at Verity as Farm
  • Living in Harcourt, VIC, Australia 🐨
  • Programmer / Coder / Developer / UCD Computer Science graduate 💻
  • 🐧 Linux user since Red Hat 7 (codename Guinness, Sep 2000)
  • Éireannach atá ar deoraíocht: Millennial, born in Ireland, raised on The Hook, County Wexford ☘️
  • Food & beer enthusiast 🍻
  • Star Trek fan 🖖
  • Insatiable podcast, audiobook, blues and classic-rock listener 🎧
  • Contactable via email at david@dfoley.ie 📧, please PGP sign or encrypt 🔐 mails if possible
  • I have published my PGP key (C6F5 51BE 7D3A 4AB5) and SSH key 🔑
  • My Bitcoin address is "169oiPAf9pMduPA3DcxTQ8rXXK9vMdizG1"
  • My Stellar address is "dsofeir*keybase.io"
  • My screen name is dsofeir which stands for "Daithí Seán Ó Foghlú Éire". Why? It's hard to find a string that isn't already taken ¯\(ツ)
  • Sometimes called Daithí Seán Ó Foghlú elesewhere on the web, that's just my name (David John Foley) 'as Gaeilge'.
  • My current short bio is: "Chief Engineer at Gigaquad, Farmer at Verity as Farm, food & beer enthusiast, éireannach atá ar deoraíocht 🇮🇪🇪🇺, #indieweb-er [ work CC BY-SA 4.0 ]"

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