Is é seo an áit ina cumarsáid mé

Welcome to my weblog: a bucket on the interweb in which to throw opinions, experiences and 'knowledge'

I recently encountered a Laravel 'constraint violation' error related to JSON field. The logs were not revealing and the bug was intermittent. It took me some time, but fortunately the fix was easy.

When setting up an additional IPv4 subnet on a dedicated Hetzner server I learned that Firewalld is terrible at handling IP forwarding.

A box of electronics arrived the other day, amongst the components was a DFRobot FireBeetle v2 board (DFR0654). An exciting ESP-WROOM-32E MCU device, well made and well priced. However I had a few hiccups getting started, in particular the device was difficult to flash and the built-in RGB LED did not work with the FastLED Arduino library as suggested by the documentation. Information was thin elsewhere on the Internet, so I am sharing what I learned.

While flashing a Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040) from a Raspberry Pi 3 I got the error "No drive to deploy", there's a relatively simple fix if hard to find on the internet.

I recently encountered an error on a database server when using dnf (yum) on CentOS 8 Stream. Dependencies for MariaDB and borgbackup created a problem and there was an unusual fix which I hadn't previously been aware of.