Is é seo an áit ina cumarsáid mé

Welcome to my weblog: a bucket on the interweb in which to throw opinions, experiences and 'knowledge'

This week I encountered the most bizzare support request: "Is it possible that our website would not load on iPhones?". Don't be silly, "that's not a thing" I told the customer ... It appears I was wrong.

Over the past few weeks I have been working to get this personal website and blog "on the indieweb" and in large part I have succeeded. Here is an account of my experience and the challenges I encountered.

Today I submitted a role to Ansible Galaxy "initialises MySQL/Percona/MariaDB Server software on a host". While not my first Ansible role, this was the first time I released a role on Ansible Galaxy.

Welcome all.

This blog has been a long time coming, I would say long-awaited, but at the moment I suspect I am speaking into the ether. The purpose of the blog is to provied a space to share things I've learned, heard, found, etc. Also a place for me to archive things important to me which is publcily accessible, so that those of you out there on the web with which I share an interest can also benefit.