David's Notes

What's a note? It's a micro-blog post, a short piece of plain text written and published without much editing or notice. Similar to a tweet or a toot. The indieweb folks have a similar definition.

  • Has anyone successfully modified the Grav CMS inbuilt blogging plugin to post to an API upon saving of a post? I'm about to begin building the POSSE feature for blog posts on my indieweb-site.
    13-09-2023 16:31     #indieweb #gravcms     permalink

  • A beautiful Spring morning, let's plant some fruit trees. NO, instead we'll slice our finger open and spend the day getting stiches. No permanent damage, I'll survive 🏥👨‍⚕️🪡
    13-09-2023 14:25     #fail     permalink

  • Samsung have had my partner's S22 Ultra for over two weeks, poor communication all the way and now I'm being told that the won't replace the unit. This is despite the fact they concede there was no fault on our part, the original unit was "not of merchantable quality".
    05-10-2023 15:00     #mobile #service #fail     permalink

  • It looks like Mastodon is the only place I'll be syndicating to from my indieweb-site. Twitter charge $100/month for API access and the free tier appears to be hobbled. Then Meta's Threads doesnt have an API yet. Probably good to avoid the silos and keep it open anyway 🎉
    10-09-2023 09:46     #keepitopen     permalink

  • First attempt at indie-web POSSE to Twitter 🤞
    09-09-2023 00:24     #hello #testing     permalink

  • Sorry, this is fun ... One more 👋🚀
    30-08-2023 00:32     #hello     permalink

  • Hello again World 👋 This is my first attempt at a POSSE post from my #indieweb-site 🤞
    30-08-2023 00:26     #hello     permalink

  • Almost there. All features bar POSSE are implemented. Just need to understand Grav Flex Object event model and then I can hookup to an API. Probably going to start with Mastodon.
    23-08-2023 01:02     #progress-report     permalink

  • This notes section is a work in progress. Correct indieweb markup is not being applied and POSSE is not happening.
    21-08-2023 23:45     #progress-report     permalink

  • Hello world 👋
    21-08-2023 10:00     #hello     permalink