Is é seo an áit ina cumarsáid mé

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A box of electronics arrived the other day, amongst the components was a DFRobot FireBeetle v2 board (DFR0654). An exciting ESP-WROOM-32E MCU device, well made and well priced. However I had a few hiccups getting started, in particular the device was difficult to flash and the built-in RGB LED did not work with the FastLED Arduino library as suggested by the documentation. Information was thin elsewhere on the Internet, so I am sharing what I learned.

While flashing a Raspberry Pi Pico (RP2040) from a Raspberry Pi 3 I got the error "No drive to deploy", there's a relatively simple fix if hard to find on the internet.

When setting up an additional IPv4 subnet on a dedicated Hetzner server I learned that Firewalld is terrible at handling IP forwarding.

I recently encountered an error on a database server when using dnf (yum) on CentOS 8 Stream. Dependencies for MariaDB and borgbackup created a problem and there was an unusual fix which I hadn't previously been aware of.

I recently noticed a drive in my home NAS was pre-fail according to S.M.A.R.T. diagnostics, when I replaced the drive I found it difficult to mount the remaining drives in the LVM VG to recover data.